Product Maintenance - Technical Advice - Spare Parts Supply

The Lab Test Instruments are critical and sensitive equipment for any Workshop or Electronic Lab as well as for the owner of the Businesses; as such an equipment requires periodic maintenance, calibration and certification.

We strongly recommend to our customers to use trained and experienced service stations as ours, we also recommend to them to establish, EQUIPMENT service contracts with such service stations. By this way they will have the same service station which will maintain the samte equipment year-by-year, thus building up the support knowledge required per each of their system particulars and therefore offering a fast reliable and cost effective EQUIPMENT support. This means that the ship-owner will have his “own” EQUIPMENT service station who can contact 24/7 and who also knows in advance that they can solve its EQUIPMENT problems quickly, reliable and efficiently as well as cost effectively. In other words, what we are saying is: Let us be your “out of house” EQUIPMENT superintendent test engineers and work for you the same way as one of your “in house” lab or workshop engineers.

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The way we work is as follows:

For all our customers with an issue on their "EQUIPMENT" we offer them the following plan of action:

Annual Maintenance, Calibration and Certification:

This step will help us with our first attendance at your Workshop or Lab to solve all possible issues and also collect all the data required for building-up your "EQUIPMENT" database in order to be able to remotely support this later. While at the same time our engineer will train your own Engineers deeply in the operation and 1st degree maintenance procedure of your own "EQUIPMENT" - system; and he will also leave on your workshop or lab, written and brief instructions for how to deal with "EQUIPMENT" issues. In addition to above he will issue a Certificate of Compliance (COC), clearly stating that your "EQUIPMENT" has been found to meet or to exceed its original Maker published specifications. Therefore your system will be kept always functional.

Remote Troubleshooting and Technical Support:

In direct communication with either the technical department of your company or with your Lab - Workshop Technicians we collect as many as possible information of the "EQUIPMENT's" fault and then we send written instructions to them for solving the problem.

Service attendance on Site.

We collect as many as possible information of the "EQUIPMENT;s" fault with your Workshop-Lab Supervising Engineer help and also with the help of your Lab - Workshop Technicians . We prepare all the necessary spare parts and tools that might be needed in order to fix the Equipment with one and only visit. By this way our Field Service Engineer is carrying with him almost all necessary spares and tools on a CARNE ATA document. Please contact us to send you the relevant Carnet ATA for your case. We need at least 2 working-days advance notice in order to get prepared for the trip abroad. The Cost of Spare parts needed - if any - is not normally included in our initial quoted price as not known at the time of your urgent inquiry. Final decision about the replacement of any parts will be made on the spot by our service engineer and after the approval of the Workshop or the Lab Manager. Therefore the total cost will be adjusted with our final invoice to you. Travel and Living expenses are always at customers risk and care.

Download here our Arlink Certificate (LoAp)
Download here our Farnell Certificate (LoAp)
Download here our Huntron Certificate (LoA)
Download here our Microcare Certificate (LoAp)
Download here our Optilia Certificate (LoAp)
Download here our Pace Certificate (LoAp)