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VI-TRACER is trading through Darlas Electronic Applications SA or Darlas - Hellas.
Model 3200S

DARLAS - HELLAS for 37+ years (from early 1980's till 2017) served as an Exclusive Sales and Service Agent for HUNTRON USA, Representing all their Products from Huntron Tracker 1005B-1ES up to the latest model Huntron Tracker 3200S, including of course and all their relevant Robotic Probers starting from RP388/5100DS up to their latest Access Dual Head Prober.

We currently work as an Independent - not Maker Authorized - Sales & Service Station for Huntron and other Products offering both sales, training and technical support to all our customers.

In addition to that we also act as a Sales and Service Independent Contractor for other Test, Rework and Repair Instrument Makers, Specializing in all sectors of business related with the Electrical and Electronics Industry offering all what an Engineer needs in order to be productive, reliable and successful.

VI-TRACER can support you 100% with all your Test, Repair and Rework needs included but not limited to Second Hand or Brand new Equipment Sales, Spare parts sales, Service Attendances and Technical Support down to component level.

VI-TRACER is aiming to be your global high-service distributor of technology products, services and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair.

All what you need for building a Reliable, Successful and Productive, Pneumatic or Electrical or Electronic Workshop

Our Specialization includes: - VI-TRACER
Model Access DH Prober
Our Specialization includes:

Educational Maker and Services
We inspire the next generation of engineers with our content, software and educational boards, enabling them to develop their future, while makers develop their dreams with our single board computers, software and components.

Research and Design
Helping bring your ideas to life. We help companies of all sizes, from start-up to Big enterprises, including some of the world's largest semiconductor companies develop their ideas. With the world's largest selection of development kits, the latest components and informative resources, we are a vital element of research and design.

Prototype and Test
We help you Develop and build your prototype faster. We have the widest selection of components, boards, system level products, tools and test equipment for you to develop your products. With expert technical support, and custom development services, we help you develop your prototype sooner.

Production and Maintenance
Supporting your business and maintenance needs. We develop your business by delivering the components you need to manufacture your products, automated industrial systems and ensure they are well maintained. From tape & reel services for components to supplying spares and consumables, we've been developing customers' businesses for over 20 years.